724.230.6010 info@TheClement.com


What are your rates?

Our rates start at $300 for half day, $500 for the entire day.

Do you have a floor plan available?

Please check out this PDF with measurements of The Clement

What does your package include and how much does it all cost (including additional fees)? When do I have to pay?

What is your capacity?

125 People

Do you have an in-house caterer or can/must we bring in an outside caterer?

We do not have an in-house caterer.  We are a “BYOC”, as in “Bring your own caterer”.     So bring a caterer of your choosing, BUT if you are looking for some guidance, here is a list

Do you provide alcohol or can we bring our own? Are there additional corkage fees?

We do not provide alcohol.  You will need to bring your own.  There are no additional fees.

Can I hold the ceremony here?

Yes!  As a former church constructed in 1903, there have been more than a few ceremonies here;)

Is there a coordinator on staff? Who will my main contact be? Will that person be there on the day of my event?

Phillip Rhodes is the proprietor of The Clement and he will be your main contact.    He will be available for the day of your event.

Do you have a plan for rain?

We are an indoor facility, so rain does not impact us.  We do have an outdoor garden, but we do not depend upon this for any aspect of our operations.

 Are there accommodations for disabled guests?

Yes, we have a handicap-friendly entrance (ramp without any stairs) and an ADA restroom.

Is there a dance floor?

Yes, we have floors available for dancing.  One is the main sanctuary of the church and in our school auditorium.



Thank you Abigail

Just a special shout-out to Abigail for asking this first set of questions.  Thanks for asking questions and keep ’em coming!