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The Clement is an event hall

The Clement is a former church that was constructed in 1903.  The original name of the church was “St. Clements” and we renamed it to “The Clement” in homage to its original name.

One of the things that makes The Clement so unique is the walls of the church.  When we removed the wall paper (probably installed during the 1950’s), we noticed beautify faux marble painted walls.  While most would have simple painted over the walls, we chose to keep the original walls.  Since the walls did have damaged paint, we commissioned a local muralist to accentuate the walls to help distract and enhance the natural age and beauty of the wall.

We also have the original flooring, yet, this too has been repaired using as close of a match to tile that we can fine.  But not everything is original.  We have updated all electrical, added new air conditioning and ventilation and many other improvements.  All of these changes, put together, make The Clement a unique venue experience.

If you are looking for an event hall for your birthday party, aniversary , bridal shower and any other celebration, please consider us. 





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