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  • Use painters tape or poster tape to affix decorations to the wall. Do not use duct tape, flex tape, packing tape or masking tape.
  • Remove any and all tape
  • Collect trash
  • Please remove trash and place in dumpster to the right of the church front doors.
  • Close front doors (and any other doors) When leaving, please make sure the church front doors are closed as you leave.  Shutting the church door should automatically lock it. If you open an exit door to the church, make sure you close and lock it when you leave.  There is a door in the rear (kitchen), and an ADA entrance (the one with the ramp) and a door that leads to the courtyard.  If you do not use the doors, there will be no need to worry about them.  But if you do use these doors, please make certain they are closed when you leave.
  • If you used the stove/oven, please make certain gas valve is turned in off position. Please view video and signs. If you are not sure, call or text 724-230-6010
  • Rental is from 10AM to 11PM
  • Failure to follow the above rules will forfeit any deposits
  • Contract is available here
  • Event insurance is available. Link provided as a courtesy, we do not benefit if you purchase.