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Rental Times

All set-up , decorating, and clean-up should happen within the time you book – no additional time is provided. If you need extra time for set-up or cleanup, please contact us for pricing.

Rental Windows

  • 5 Hours (4 PM to 9 PM)
  • 5 Hours (10 AM to 3 PM)
  • 12 Hours (10 AM to 10 PM)

We also provide options to rent an additional 1-Day or 2-Days at a significant discount. You can use this time for a reception dinner before the big day, or decoration, or anything related to your event. If you are interested, select the option you want when you are booking your date.

Policies, Rules and Payments

Cancellation Policy

30 days prior to reservation:

  • ​1/2 of the rental fee and the full cleaning deposit will be refunded.

​Less than 7 days prior to reservation:

  • ​ rental fee will not be refunded. The full cleaning deposit will be refunded.

​Post Reservation:

  • If the facility​ is reserved and not used, no refund for the rental will be issued​. Full cleaning deposit will be refunded.

Extra Services

These additional services are available for an additional cost


The majority of our tables (see pics here) are wood and need to have tablecloths. Some our guests bring their own tablecloths (the disposable kind), but we do have commercial-grade tablecloths available for rent. All of our tablecloths are white. We charge per piece to cover the wear and cleaning. The rental price can be found on the booking page.

  • Setup help (we will setup and arrange your tables and chairs per your direction). We can also help setup/decorate per your direction.
  • Cleaning help – We do all the cleaning (sweeping and trash removal).
  • Check out the list of recommended vendors

Suspended Ceiling Options

If you still have questions, contact us